A very Happy New Year to all members of our school community. I do hope that you and yours had a restful and enjoyable holiday during the Holy Season. We are now back at school. “The Good Ship Trinity,” with its precious cargo and crew on board, has left its moorings for the open sea. During the Middle Ages, a ship leaving port would always try and tack to the East then dip its sail three times in honour of the Trinity. This morning, the Good Ship Trinity faced the east and celebrated the Eucharist which is the source and cause of all and any good this school achieves.

We are on the verge of a very exciting term. We may well encounter storms and squalls thrown up by Covid in all its forms and effects, but we shall keep on course to deliver an outstanding education for the children we serve and the vision we follow. It was wonderful to see our students return. They seem genuinely pleased to be back in an environment where they can prosper and mature. We will all follow our vocation not only for academic success but our spiritual development as well. At the start of this new year and new term, we ask the Good Lord to give us the wisdom and the strength to build a compassionate community so that we can rightly we say, “In Christ we shall flourish.”

Kindest regards,

Dr P.C. Doherty OBE