Dear Parents,

Everybody says we live in extraordinary times and that is a fair reflection. “The Good Ship Trinity” has now left harbour and heading for the open sea with its precious cargo. We are following Christ’s words, “to put out into the deep,” though only the good Lord knows what we shall encounter on this year’s voyage. We might have to face stormy waters, sudden storms, blustering wind not to mention Covid-19 pirates! Nevertheless, we are well prepared. We have organised school life and, as the day pass, we try to enhance this. We have a vibrant RE Department and our liturgical life is being enriched further at time passes. The Eucharist is still celebrated here. We have a Holy Hour on Friday and we can still organise assemblies and collective prayer online. We are joined by new crew members and they are already making a most positive impact on what this school offers.

I am sure you will remember the song “When you walk through the dark, hold your head up high.” With Christ as our candle-flame and those who work with us as our torch bearers, we shall certainly get through this darkness into the light. So,

“May the Lord bless us and protect us. May He show us his countenance and have mercy on us. May He turn his face to us and give us peace.”

We must act on this because “What else are the servants of God but his minstrels, whose work is to lift up people’s hearts and move them to spiritual gladness?”

(St. Francis)

Kindest regards,

Dr P.C. Doherty OBE