Satchel One – Homework

Instructions of accessing Satchel One 
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Introduction to Satchel One for Students

Keep track of all your homework online with your personal To-do List.

For the most up to date Student resources, please visit the Satchel One Help Centre where you will find articles and video guides covering all areas of Satchel One.

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Introducing Parents to Satchel One

Complete homework transparency means you’ll see exactly what your child has been set and when it’s due. No more confusion!

Review homework feedback left by your child’s teachers as it happens, rather than hearing it second hand.

Download the Show My Homework app to access homework on the move. Set up push notifications for when new homework is set and reminders for upcoming deadlines.


EduLink One – School Management System

EduLink One Parental Guide
EduLink Login Page 

For Students: EduLink One is an essential digital platform designed to enhance your educational experience. It serves as a hub where you can access important information related to your school life. With EduLink One, you can:

  • View Your Timetable: Easily check your class schedules, including subjects, teachers, and room numbers.
  • Track Attendance: Keep an eye on your attendance records, ensuring you stay on top of your school commitments.
  • Receive Notices and Announcements: Stay informed about school events, announcements, and important updates.
  • Monitor Progress: View your academic progress, including grades, assessments, and feedback from teachers.
  • Communicate with Teachers: Send messages to your teachers directly through the platform.


For Parents: As a parent, EduLink One offers valuable insights and tools to support your child’s education:

  • Attendance Tracking: Keep track of your child’s attendance and receive notifications if they miss classes.
  • School Notices: Stay informed about school events, parent-teacher meetings, and other important announcements.
  • Progress Monitoring: View your child’s academic progress, including grades, assessments, and teacher feedback.
  • Communication with Teachers: Easily communicate with your child’s teachers through the platform.
  • Timetable Information: Access your child’s class schedules, ensuring they are organized and prepared.


If any student or parent has any queries regarding Satchel One or EduLink then please email the school’s IT department here