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How the world turns!  Life is so hectic, time truly does fly! We are now into June, the great feasts of Easter and Pentecost are long passed. The academic year is in its final phase and preparations are being made for a new year and new challenges. At the moment we are also dealing with the public exam system where, I am very pleased to report, matters have proceeded both serenely and harmoniously. I am very grateful to all those who helped structure our exam programme with such great care and diligence.  Of course, the good weather is a bonus for the PE Department and our different teams are achieving excellent results. The cultural life of the school is also being enriched, be it outside speakers or acting troupes such at The Global Players. Of course, June is also the month of the great feasts, e.g. Sacred Heart and Corpus Christi which we will honour in due form…

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