Dear Parents & Students, 

I am afraid the dire weather has had serious effects on both sites at Trinity Catholic High School.  The school opened this morning, everything was functioning normally. However, we have now run into difficulties. 

On the Lower Site, there is no hot or cold water in the kitchens, this means we cannot feed the students at lunchtime. No hot food will be available and we have very little cold food.  

On the Upper Site, our kitchens also do not have hot or cold water, nor again do we have cold food to serve. In addition, certain toilets on the Upper Site are no longer flushing and cannot be used.  Calling out maintenance men is of little use because the situation is that certain pipes on both sites are frozen. Matters will certainly get worse before they get better. The temperature is set to plunge this evening and no thaw is likely before the weekend. 

Accordingly, with deep regret, I must inform you that Trinity Catholic School will be closed to all pupils on Friday 16th December.  Students will have access to live lessons via Microsoft Teams.  

We plan to reopen the school as usual on Monday 19th at the usual time.  We will keep the school community appraised of developments.  I am sorry to be the bearer of bad news but I am talking about factors which are completely outside my control. 


Dr P.C. Doherty OBE